Boomerang sales set to boom this summer!

2017 is set to be the summer of the boomerang, according to UK outdoor toy manufacturer Wicked.

The London-based company is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of indoor and outdoor returning boomerangs, and has now sold more than 5 million boomerangs to over 45 countries worldwide – in fact, one Wicked Booma is sold every minute.

Now a recent surge in sales for Wicked’s spin on the traditional outdoor toy is showing that there’s more demand than ever before for returning boomerangs. The company attributes the retro toy’s comeback to a rise in people wanting to master actual skills out in the open air and get away from screens. Wicked has seen significant uplifts in sales during the last year for its UK-made Boomas, including an 800% year-on-year rise in export sales.

And now even luxury haute couture brand Chanel has entered into the growing marketplace with the controversial launch of a $1,930 boomerang. But Wicked’s Managing Director, David Strang, believes that boomerangs should be there to be enjoyed in the great outdoors, not confined to handbags or used as pieces of art to be displayed around the home.

He comments: “A returning boomerang is not just an object to look at – the beauty is in its returning flight. It is truly gravity-defying and magical to witness. Here at Wicked we’re passionate about getting people outside and enjoying boomerangs in their purest form. We are absolutely behind the Indigenous Australian people and greatly respectful of the boomerang’s origins; in fact, we’ve received great support from Australian customers and the country is now one of our biggest export markets. Our number one aim is to bring boomerangs to the masses and give as many people as possible the opportunity to experience the joy of a booma in flight.”

Wicked Booma boomerangs are the most accurate and versatile in the world. The company offers a large product range including the Sonic Booma sports boomerang (RRP £9.99) and the Outdoor Booma (RRP £7.99).

David Strang adds:

“Our tri-blade design means that our boomerangs are always guaranteed to come back to you with pin-point accuracy, with a tiny bit of practice. The Wicked Booma is exceptionally easy so it’s ideal for beginners, and we also offer full online tutorials. Boomerangs are accessible, fun and cheap entertainment, and there’s simply no beating the satisfaction that comes with catching your returning booma for the very first time. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a day out this summer, and we also offer versions that can be thrown safely in indoor spaces.”