Keep kid’s eyes protected this summer

















As adults, we often spend lots of money on sunglasses to make sure we have the optimum protection for our eyes, yet when it comes to our kids we don’t place the same importance on their optical health. Children are actually more susceptible to damage from the sun’s rays due to their eyes not being as developed as adult’s. The main reasons for skimping on kid’s sunglasses are that they’ll either break, get lost, or don’t offer adequate protection. That’s why we’ve created Suneez:

• Virtually unbreakable: Suneez are made from a flexible material allowing them to bend without snapping (believe us, we’ve tried!).

• Virtually unlose-able: We’ve included a handy silicone strap, so they won’t fall off your child’s face.

• All protecting: Suneez block 100% of harmful UVA / UVB rays up to and including UV400! The lenses are polarized for crystal clear images which cut through glare and give the best clarity.

We’ve also included a microfibre carry pouch which cleverly doubles as a cleaning cloth.
Yes… we’ve thought of everything.
Sun’s out? Suneez on! Head over to to give your kid’s the protection their eyes need!

Get Wicked! Five Top Toys For Summer

Summer has landed! It’s that most wonderful time of year – time to get out and about in the great outdoors. With summer firmly in mind, here’s our roundup of the must-have outdoor toys for this year, all perfect for making the most of the sunshine and keeping active for hours on end!

1. Wicked Sonic Booma

The incredible sight of a boomerang in flight is only beaten by the joy that comes with catching it on its return! And when it comes to the boomerangs’ massive appeal, we know what we’re talking about: one Wicked booma is sold every minute, and we even export them to the Aussies!

Sonic Booma Lifestyle

2. Wicked Mega Bounce XL

Our iconic Mega Bounce is the ultimate summer toy! Measuring in at a massive 2.51 meters in circumference, this hugely fun inflatable is larger than life! Perfect for throwing in the park, playing volleyball at the beach or splashing your mates in the pool, it’s easy to carry so can go with you on all your adventures this summer!

Mega Bounce XL Lifestyle

3.  Wicked UKick

Calling all footie fans! If you’re looking for a new challenge, why not take on the UKick keepie uppie challenge? Combining the very best bits of both badminton and football, the aim is to keep the UKick off the ground for as long as possible. And don’t worry if football’s not your thing: you can use your hands, arms, head – anything you like! If you’re feeling extra confident, why not up the ante by playing against your friends and seeing what trick shots you can do?

UKick Lifestyle

4. Wicked Sky Spinner

Our Sky Spinner gives a whole new meaning to the phrase: ‘it’s all in the spin!’ This hand propelled spinning disc will keep you entertained for hour after hour as you try to master all the coolest tricks at the flick of a wrist – throw it, crank it, spin it, slam it, the possibilities are endless! And the fun doesn’t have to stop when you go away on holiday, as it’s the perfect size to fit in your suitcase too.

Wicked Sky Spinner

5. Wicked Socker Boppers

Planning a summer BBQ and need something cool to keep everyone entertained? Look no further! Set up a battle zone for the kids and let them at it, with the Wicked Socker Boppers! They’ll love battling each other with these durable inflatables, and the best thing? No one will get hurt and they’ll work up an appetite, just in time to tuck in!

Wicked Socker Boppers

Boomerang sales set to boom this summer!

2017 is set to be the summer of the boomerang, according to UK outdoor toy manufacturer Wicked.

The London-based company is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of indoor and outdoor returning boomerangs, and has now sold more than 5 million boomerangs to over 45 countries worldwide – in fact, one Wicked Booma is sold every minute.

Now a recent surge in sales for Wicked’s spin on the traditional outdoor toy is showing that there’s more demand than ever before for returning boomerangs. The company attributes the retro toy’s comeback to a rise in people wanting to master actual skills out in the open air and get away from screens. Wicked has seen significant uplifts in sales during the last year for its UK-made Boomas, including an 800% year-on-year rise in export sales.

And now even luxury haute couture brand Chanel has entered into the growing marketplace with the controversial launch of a $1,930 boomerang. But Wicked’s Managing Director, David Strang, believes that boomerangs should be there to be enjoyed in the great outdoors, not confined to handbags or used as pieces of art to be displayed around the home.

He comments: “A returning boomerang is not just an object to look at – the beauty is in its returning flight. It is truly gravity-defying and magical to witness. Here at Wicked we’re passionate about getting people outside and enjoying boomerangs in their purest form. We are absolutely behind the Indigenous Australian people and greatly respectful of the boomerang’s origins; in fact, we’ve received great support from Australian customers and the country is now one of our biggest export markets. Our number one aim is to bring boomerangs to the masses and give as many people as possible the opportunity to experience the joy of a booma in flight.”

Wicked Booma boomerangs are the most accurate and versatile in the world. The company offers a large product range including the Sonic Booma sports boomerang (RRP £9.99) and the Outdoor Booma (RRP £7.99).

David Strang adds:

“Our tri-blade design means that our boomerangs are always guaranteed to come back to you with pin-point accuracy, with a tiny bit of practice. The Wicked Booma is exceptionally easy so it’s ideal for beginners, and we also offer full online tutorials. Boomerangs are accessible, fun and cheap entertainment, and there’s simply no beating the satisfaction that comes with catching your returning booma for the very first time. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a day out this summer, and we also offer versions that can be thrown safely in indoor spaces.”

UKick in Hamleys – Saturday 26th

UKick’s David Robson and Phil Law,  who made a name for themselves with a legendary appearance on BBC’s Dragon’s Den, will be in Hamleys Regent Street this Saturday 26th September from 09:30 – 13:00.

UKick, which is best described as a fusion of badminton and street football, was spotted by David on his travels around Far East Asia. A fresh, modern update to the traditional game of jianzi, the aim is simple: keep UKick off the ground with either your hands or feet. Hailed for its wide appeal, the user can adjust UKick’s weighted pro discs to suit their skill level, attracting both adults and children, boys and girls – Everton stars Romelu Lukaku and Kevin Mirallas were recently spotted using UKick as part of their training. What’s more, with an array of brightly coloured feathers to be swapped amongst friends, the Dragons noted the product’s attractive presentation and on-point branding. Den heavy weight Kelly Hoppen commented, “It’s got legs, this thing.”

Despite an initially positive response from the Dragons, David and his business partner Phil Law did not secure their target; £60k funding for a 25% share of the business. Undeterred, the boys intend to show the Dragons that success is indeed the best revenge by following in the footsteps of former Dragon’s Den inventor Rachael Lowe. Despite being mocked for her lack of business knowledge, Rachel later launched her board game Destination London in Hamleys and it became the top selling item both in-store and online.

David commented on the Hamleys launch “It’s been an exhausting yet exhilarating journey taking UKick from inception to where we are today – with the product being backed by a major UK distributor and stocked in all good retailers. I wouldn’t change it for a second, I can’t wait to see what this thing can do. Let the UKick craze commence!”

David and Phil will be signing purchased UKicks and giving live demos.

Come and join the fun!

Dragons’ Den

Wicked UKick featured on BBC’s Dragons’ Den on Sunday 10th August (and again on Monday 11th!).  Despite not receiving an investment, UKick Developers David and Phil made a great impression with the Dragons, with Kelly Hoppen remarking “I think it’s got legs, this thing!” We’ll take that as a compliment, Kelly.

Click here to watch the episode.
Click here to learn more about UKick.

Dragons Den ScreenShot