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Duncan Yo-Yos

Launched in 1929, Duncan is widely recognised as the original- and best- Yo-Yo brand in the world. Did you know that the Duncan Imperial and the Duncan Butterfly are two of the biggest selling Yo-Yos in history with sales figures exceeding 500 million worldwide? Think back to the mania of the last Yo-Yo craze (there tends to be one every 5 to 7 years) and it’s easy to see why. Wicked Vision is bringing the legend of Duncan Yo-Yos to the UK!

Duncan Butterfly 01.jpg

Duncan Butterfly

Beginner yo-yo for string tricks

Duncan Imperial 02.jpg

Duncan Imperial

Beginner yo-yo for looping tricks

Wheels 01.jpg

Duncan Wheels

Beginners yo-yo with trans axle

Duncan Reflex 01.jpg

Duncan Reflex

Intermediate auto-return yo-yo

Duncan Pulse 02.jpg

Duncan Pulse

Intermediate light-up yo-yo

Butterfly XT 01.jpg

Duncan Butterfly XT

Intermediate string trick yo-yo with ball-bearing axle

Duncan Hornet 01.jpg

Duncan Hornet

Advanced looping yo-yo with ball-bearing axle

Duncan Freehand 01.jpg

Duncan Freehand

Advanced string trick and counterweight yo-yo

Duncan Metal Drifter 01.jpg

Duncan Metal Drifter

Advanced metal string trick and counterweight yo-yo

Ducan 5 String Pack 01.jpg

Duncan String Pack

5 pack spare yo-yo strings