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Benefits of playing outside

The world is currently stuck in a technological revolution – we say stuck because it seems we’ve all become so distracted by our phones and any other device with a screen that we’ve forgotten how to enjoy our lives without it.

This why Wicked was created – we’re sick of seeing kids with their heads glued to the screen! Our toys are designed to inspire kids to go outside and spend quality time with their friends and family. If this isn’t convincing enough, we did a bit of research on why you should try and encourage your kids (and yourselves) to get up and go outside.


We know living in the UK means we are already at a disadvantage for natural sunlight. Being in the sun automatically improves our moods and our brain function believe it or not. Sun exposure is linked to the part of our brain that organises and stores memories. It also enhances the immune system and helps make your body stronger when fighting infections. Soak up as much natural vitamin D you can!

Mental Health

Breathing fresh air and connecting with nature is a natural way to boost kids’ energy. Going for a walk to the park and enjoying a bit of ‘free playtime’ will encourage your kids to use their imagination and improve their well being. By spending more time outside, it will help kids in the classroom too as their attention span increases with a better ability to learn and increase productivity.

Develops motor skills

Running, climbing and jumping are all completely free and interactive activities your child can enjoy while being outside. Walking and running up hills can help develop a child’s strength and endurance because they are moving on uneven surfaces. Improving on hand-eye coordination while doing these activities will help them as they grow into adults.

Learn how to socialise with others

Socialising with friends, family members or animals is an important part of growing up. When we are focused on the screen in front of us, we often miss out on quality conversation with those sitting right next to us! Playing outside away from electronics means kids are automatically put in a situation where verbal communication is important for whatever game may come up.

Outdoor Toys

Wicked’s range could be described as ‘open ended’ toys. We release brand new interactive products every year, all with the same premise. We want you off your phones! The Mega Tube is the star of summer - No pumps required! Watch the incredible, larger than life tube inflates within seconds as you run into the wind. Standing at 3m tall when fully inflated, it’s impossible to miss. Get your kids and their friends together and run with it, throw it, bounce it around or even start a battle!

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