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Christmas Gifts for under £50

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Christmas is fast approaching and the end of November is here. For those of you who have already finished your gift shopping, we salute you. For the rest of us who tend to leave it to the last minute, read on.

We can all agree that Disney has topped the charts in 2019 alone with a string of sequels like Toy Story 4, remakes of the classics Aladdin and The Lion King and the highly anticipated release of Frozen 2. Receiving themed gifts for Christmas is great but it’s not every kid’s cup of tea. We thought we’d come up with a list of affordable but fun and interactive gifts under £50 that can be enjoyed by everyone.

1. The Body Bubble Ball one of Wicked’s very own creations. It’s a fun and unique (more importantly easy on parents’ wallets) gift for children and adults alike. The 4-foot inflatable can be used in the backyard or your local park to smash and crash into each other or perhaps a game of bubble football. This is a great way to encourage your children to play outside more often.

Available from or for £49.99 or 2 for £80

2. Not quite ready to invest in an Apple watch for your child but feel they are old enough for something similar? We’ve found the perfect alternative, the Kids’ Smart Watch Phone at the very competitive price of £25.99. There’s room for sim card and has a parent control function to keep your minds at ease. It’s a great way to introduce your child to the technological world and teaching them to keep their possessions safe. With an added GPS system, parents can feel safe knowing the whereabouts of their child.

Available from for £25.99 and comes in a variety of colours.

3. Encourage outdoor activities this Christmas season with the DMbaby Compact Waterproof Binocular for Kids. With a soft rubber covering to protect the eyes it’s a great safety feature so parents can feel confident knowing their child won’t get sore eyes after use. Each pair is shockproof which means your kids’ can run around and drop them without worrying about breakage. Take them out for a hike after a hearty Christmas meal!

Available from for £13.99

4. Encourage your child’s creative side with Crayola’s Washable Kids’ Paint (packs of 10 -20 colours). Pair this with a basic sketch book and you could have a little artist on your hands. If your child prefers the indoors this is a great interactive gift in which pushes them to use their imagination and create something fun.

Available on starting at £8.26 for 10 colours.

5. The infamous card game of Uno, this one can be enjoyed by the whole family. Matching the colours to the numbers can be great for early childhood development and adds a bit of competition for the older children. This one can be a stand-alone gift or used as a stocking filler.

Available on for £4.68 with a junior option also available.

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