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Get Active Get Wicked

We’re sick of seeing kids on their phones, tablets or watching TV. The global epidemic of childhood inactivity is hindering children’s development and social skills.

We want to get everyone involved in our GET ACTIVE, GET WICKED campaign and it starts with YOU. Get moving with Wicked, we’ve come up with a few activities that will motivate you and your family to keep active.

Finding ways to keep active during the colder months are important for both physical and mental health. Motivating yourself to get up and go to the gym is hard enough, so finding the will to get your kids moving is another story.

We’ve come up with a list of great ideas to keep your family fit throughout the year.

Make Small Changes

Making small changes is a great starting point! We’re talking about choosing to walk to the tube station over catching a bus or taking the stairs instead of the lift. This might not seem like much but check your step count at the end of each day to see the improvement – one of the positive aspects of a smart phone.

Limit Screen Time

Phones, computers and televisions are all part of growing up in the world today. We’re not suggesting you ban screen time from your kids, rather choose time slots in which phones can be checked or TV programs watched. Having a phone-free dinner is a great way to set an example for quality time with the family. This way their minds will now associate dinner time with verbal conversation rather than being social through texting. Instead of watching TV after dinner, put on a warm coat and go for a quick walk around the block!

Indoor Sports

This can include something at the local recreation centre or invest in some quality indoor toys. Wicked offers a range of sports boomerangs that are designed to fly indoors. It’s safe and fun for young children. Learning how to throw the boomerang correctly also challenges their mind.

Join the revolution and show us what you’re doing to keep moving. Use the hashtag #GETACTIVEGETWICKED so we can get everyone involved. The campaign will continue through summer too so stay tuned.

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