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The Benefits of Jump Rope

Skipping or Jump Rope is a fun way to improve your cardiovascular health. It’s a versatile sport for both children and adults that challenges the mind and body. Here are a few things to consider before starting your fitness journey.

Wear appropriate footwear

Wearing the right trainers is important as skipping is such a high impact exercise. Once you start challenging yourself with the more advanced movements this is especially relevant. Cross-trainers combine stability and cushioning making them the best choice for this sport.

Choose the right type of Jump Rope

When it comes to finding the right skipping rope for you, Wicked has the ultimate piece of equipment – the ‘Mega Jump’. You can jump faster and better thanks to the ball bearing axles which help rotation be as smooth as possible. The handles are textured to increase grip, meaning you don’t need to worry about dropping it mid-action. It even has a quick release mechanism that allows you to adjust the rope to your height (great for the younger ones).

Exercise in the right environment

As skipping is a high impact sport, the surface you choose to exercise on makes a difference. Non-slip gym mats designed for training are ideal. If you’re doing home workouts try a carpeted surface or take a walk to the local park and skip on the grass. Your legs will thank you later!

Master the basics

It seems simple but it’s important to make sure you can balance your body weight while skipping. Once you adjust your Mega Jump to fit your height, start by practising a slow skip. Try and skip with a rhythm or even count, 1, 2, 3, 4 on repeat.

Watch a tutorial

Wicked has created 3 very informative tutorials covering basic, advanced and pro tricks. Check out our YouTube channel to learn more.

The most important thing to remember is always have fun! Finding a sport that can keep you active and entertained is beneficial to your mental and physical health.

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