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As adults, we often spend lots of money on sunglasses to make sure we have the optimum protection for our eyes, yet when it comes to our kids we don’t place the same importance on their optical health. Children are actually more susceptible to damage from the sun’s rays due to their eyes not being as developed as adult’s. The main reasons for skimping on kid’s sunglasses are

that they’ll either break, get lost, or don’t offer adequate protection. That’s why we’ve created Suneez:

• Virtually unbreakable: Suneez are made from a flexible material allowing them to bend without snapping (believe us, we’ve tried!).

• Virtually unlose-able: We’ve included a handy silicone strap, so they won’t fall off your child's face.

• All protecting: Suneez block 100% of harmful UVA / UVB rays up to and including UV400! The lenses are polarized for crystal clear images which cut through glare and give the

best clarity.

We’ve also included a microfibre carry pouch which cleverly doubles as a cleaning cloth.

Yes… we’ve thought of everything.

Sun’s out? Suneez on!

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