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Wicked Mega Jump

Wicked Mega Jump is the next step in jump ropes! Jump faster, jump better, thanks to the nifty features we've incorporated: ball-bearing axles for super smooth rope rotation, great quality thin rope for high speed and textured handle to increase grip, meaning you don't need to worry about it even when you're busting out super cool tricks such as a full twist, a triple under or even a TJ!

Of course, the rope first needs to be the correct length for the jumper so we've made it super easy to adjust the length to suit each person, thanks to our specially designed rope release mechanism. Just take of the cap, remove the clip and cut the rope to size, it's that simple!

Mega Jump 300 Blue.jpg

Super smooth jump rope - 300cm length for single jumper.

Mega Jump 430cm Red.jpg

Super smooth jump rope - 430cm length for multiple jumpers.

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