Wicked support for National Unplugging Day

Wicked was delighted to support this year’s National Unplugging Day by providing a fun range of active outdoor toys for children and families to enjoy at a big public event in Winchester.

National Unplugging Day 2017

National Unplugging Day encourages parents from all around the UK to down their digital tools and celebrate unplugging for one special day, going on a digital detox to reconnect with each other offline.

This is the third year that the national event has taken place, and according to the event’s organisers, over half a million parents pledged to unplug for the day itself, alongside families from all over Hampshire who attended a special offline event near Barton Stacey on the outskirts of Winchester – covered on BBC South Today’s evening news programme.

National Unplugging Day 2017

The Wicked Mega Bounce XL – our super-sized bouncing sensation – and the Sonic Booma – our whistling version of the world’s best boomerang – delighted those in attendance at the big event, serving as a timely reminder of the pure joy that comes from outdoor play.
David Strang, Wicked’s managing director, says:

“It was great to be able to support this year’s National Unplugging Day event. With so many of us glued to our devices and smartphones these days, it’s vital to take time out and digitally detox – especially so for kids. Getting outdoors, active and enjoying learning new skills is what we’re all about as a business.

“We were pleased to share some of our popular outdoor toys with the families that attended on the day, and hope that these will bring lots of enjoyment over the months and years ahead. We encourage everyone to step away from technological distractions and enjoy the benefits that true, physical play can bring.”

National Unplugging Day 2017
National Unplugging Day was created by two busy working Mums: Charlotte Vaughan and Gemma Jonhson (also the founder of leading parenting site My Family Club), who comments:

“With technology an inherent part of everyday life, it’s easy to feel bogged down and opt to take a back seat at home as the daily demands take over. We want to help families kick-start healthier digital habits; National Unplugging Day is the perfect way to start this.”

Wicked was delighted to offer up great outdoor toys – all perfect for making the most of the summer holidays – to be enjoyed on the day itself. But National Unplugging Day is not supposed to be a one-off event; the goal is to encourage more children and parents alike to get outside, get active, and enjoy the great times that come with being disconnected from technology.

And we agree that it’s a Wicked idea!