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About Us

We're Wicked...a global leader in active sports and skill toys, based in the UK and selling worldwide for over 20 years. We create original, innovate toys and weave our Wicked magic into timeless classics.

INNOVATION. Since our creation in 2000, we’ve demonstrated a flair for bringing fresh, original, awe-inspiring new products to the market year upon year. Innovators of toy crazes as well as enduring classics, our mission is to produce top quality toys that stand the test of time.

We’re proud to say that our extensive range of Boomas is manufactured right here in the UK. We continue to create innovative products which surprise and delight our ever-increasing number of loyal fans and followers.


AMBITION. Already the world’s largest manufacturer of returning boomerangs; we’re fast becoming a leading global toy company. Our Wicked products are sold in a wide variety of retail outlets:  from toy stores, department stores to major supermarket chains, from gift shops to online and on TV. Our world famous Wicked Booma range is demonstrated in London’s premier flagship stores and tourist attractions, captivating the attention of millions of tourists each year.

Ambitious is an understatement. We will not stop until our products are in every store, household, beach, park and office around the world.

ORIGINALITY. We don’t follow market trends, we create them. We boast PR expertise that challenges convention; we know how to captivate your attention, how to turn toys into talking points and how to put the word Wicked on everyone’s lips. We truly believe in our products and want everybody to have the opportunity to enjoy them as much as we do.

What’s more, all of our product ranges are supported by prominently positioned,

eye-catching in-store audio visual displays, skilled demonstration, TV advertising, national and regional press coverage, social media campaigns and on-line promotion.

We work tirelessly to ensure that our products are in demand and flying off your shelves.

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