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Wicked Boomas

The Wicked Booma Range has been developed by Wicked Vision. All models feature the same tri-blade design (except the Aussie Booma that has a traditional 2 wing design) that creates the most stable, easy to throw and catch boomerang range in the world. The Wicked Booma Range is so versatile that they’re perfect for beginners yet still a challenge for advanced throwers.

Follow the instructions on the back of the packs and you will be able to throw and catch your boomerang on your first few attempts. They’re guaranteed to come back!

Junior Booma 01.jpg

1-3m foam boomerang

Indoor Booma 01.jpg

4-6m foam boomerang

Outdoor Booma Red.jpg

20-25m polymer composite boomerang

Sonic Booma.jpg

20-25m whistling composite boomerang

Aussie Booma 02.jpg

25-30m traditional polymer composite boomerang

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